I had just finished painting the image of the title “Journey through the Bibble”.” It all started at that time, it was 1999, I was immediately fascinated by make images according to the Gospel of Matthew. For 6 years I went into the studio with the idea of ​​doing this, but every time I did something else like Jonah, when he was told to go to Nineveh and he went elsewhere. Until the morning of November 15 of this year, it was the dawn of a day by the low horizons, I went into the studio, the palette was ready, I wanted to paint the flowers, I grabbed the spayola but my eye fell on a Book of the Gospels found abandoned the day before on a bench. the time to tell me, “My God spatula no!” I just remember painting from dawn to dusk, making 12 paintings representing scenes from the Gospel according to Matthew, deaths in a single day because I knew that I would not be returned to Nineveh by tomorrow.

Polo Massimo Abrans  01 12.06