Antonio Sbrana was born in Tuscany in 1934. He started painting when he was really young. He was in touch with famous artists like Guido Guidi and Giovanni March (friend of Amedeo Modigliani). For four years he attended The Academy of Fine Arts. Many of his artworks are now in private collections in Italy and abroad. Some of them are in Museums of Contemporary Art. You can read about his works in art magazines. The exhibition of Antonio Sbrana which took place in S. Agostino of Pietrasanta on June 2002, “Saletta delle Grasce”, was organized by Bruno Cosignani the person who discovered the artist in 1973.

He works from Maremma to Val di Chiana. He is the part of the Labronico Group. The Macchiaioli and Postmacchiaioli tradition goes from Livorno to Levante, through Versilia and Cinque Terre. The Macchia painters, named like this in 1862, came before impressionism. Critics have not spoken about them for a long time, but after 40 years they started. Macchiaioli followed their love for colour and light Impressionism, their love for easy life, for landscape, their principal subject. “Antonio Sbrana belongs to this branch of Tuscany Art (favourite of Fontani, Guidi, March, Natali)”

(N. Micieli)