Antonio Sgarbossa, born in 1945 in Fontaniva (Padua), started his art career at a very young age, when his parents sent him to study the profession of decorating of ceramic dishes in a laboratory in Bassano.┬áThis was the beginning of his research on the potential of translating chromatic media into meaningful, pictorial representations. These studies brought him to Switzerland in 1971, where he furthered his training by expanding into other European cultures. Sgarbossa returned to Italy in 1976 and opened his own ceramic art studio. In 1978, his work was featured in his first important art exhibition at the Galleria del Fiore, which displayed paintings from various towns in Italy and Switzerland. Sgarbossa soon established a name for himself and became recognized for his “painting of light”.┬áSgarbossa’s works evoke both light and poetry and move the observer to think deeper into the subject matter. These features of his art depict the delicate training that Sgarbossa was exposed to at a young age and they continue to capture observers of his work to this day.