Giuseppe Linardi

From the Hellenistic era to the twenty-first century, still life has remained an indispensable element for artists throughout the ages. In the context of the new millennium, still life continues to evolve. An exemplary instance of this metamorphosis is embodied in the work of the contemporary artist Giuseppe Linardi, who has forsaken all forms of decoration, directing attention towards the pure essence of the subject, particularly simple fruits.

His oeuvre stands out for the ability to capture the essence of the represented objects, drawing inspiration, to some extent, from the vibrant and bold interpretation of Paul C├ęzanne. Linardi strips the composition of every superfluous element, focusing evocatively on the intrinsic beauty of still life. This new artistic approach of the twenty-first century reflects a trend towards minimalism and essentialism, embracing the purity of form and substance.

Let’s delve into Giuseppe Linardi’s older works, rare pearls that represent the starting point of a journey that has undergone significant changes over the years.