In the works of Gilberto Piccinini research is evident, and the representation of the movement of light, all is well focused. The line of infinity, both at the bottom is placed centrally is expressed with precision, in this way the optical vision is perfect. The brushwork is determined and strong. The works are mostly monochrome, color is blue in all its shades from light blue to cobalt blue to get to the night. It ‘s the color of infinity, purity and immateriality. As if by magic out of the dimension of space, the feeling of an absence of limits almost to prioritize the mental and spiritual aspect of artistic creation. It reminds us of the sea, the sky and the aspects of a more abstract nature understandable and visible.
In the sea and in the skies – these are mainly the subjects of the artist – there is a naturalism shiny, synthetic and metaphysical. The artistic force that shines through is underlined by the research of light and shadows and visual perceptual shifts within the states of mind, while the representation of movement is given to express routes that overlap and chase each other. The spectacle of nature and its perpetuation over time is also symbolic power of the artist with his “magic realism” masterfully plays.